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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The End Of The Line

The Grandson- Posted by Hello

Since I've temporarily stopped with my ancestry search, I've decided to put a hopefully temporary end to this blog.
I may post again, but with the summer season I find it too difficult to continue with updating two blogs.
I will continue with my Sierra Vistas blog, so please come by for a visit... set a spell, and y'all come back now, hear!

This photograph is a very recent one, and he's the last of the line in my family! As none of my children are into genealogy, I'm hoping he might find some value in the work I've done. It could prove a nice shortcut one day with regards to some homework!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Pick Up Your Free Issue Now!

the covergirl- Posted by Hello
Sorry, I couldn't help myself!
Apologies to my great-great grandmother...

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Little Rascals?

Cousin Marian Martin, Uncle Fred and Mom- Posted by Hello
I believe this photo was taken at my great-grandfather's farm in Maryland.
Many of the family members seem to always be posed in front of that bush!
I'm hoping to resume contact with cousin Marian Martin Hall, and that by posting her entire name will bring her, or a family member, to my blog through a Google search. We were in email contact until she and her husband took a New Zealand vacation. Perhaps they stayed?
Marian's mother was formerly the family historian, so I would like to hear of any information or family tales which may have been passed down.
So: Marian, Jack, Debbie, Cindy, Mike or Danny (the comedian) Hall comment on my blog, please?
The Little Rascals reference? I think my mother looks like Darla and her brother looks like Alfalfa in this picture. That's all folks!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Yes, It's a Meme-

My fibbin' brother and me- Posted by Hello

This is a little something I duplicate-posted on my Sierra Vistas site.

I am from coffee cake from Bisquick and Neapolitan ice-cream, because, well, there were six different opinions in our household.

I am from the pink stucco house in the fog, up the steep hill near the Pacific Ocean, where our books always had a musty smell.

I am from the camelia bush in the shade by the front door, and the sleddable ice-plant on the back hill.

I am from a Protestant/Agnostic mix and reserved, from Norman and Dorothy, Fred and Edna, and Earl and Alice.

I am from both picnic lovers and bathroom readers. (Paperbacks only!)

From "Take those wet clothes off, you'll catch your death," and "Be home by five" which was always dinnertime.

I am from Methodist, then Lutheran. Sunday school (fun) then church (oh so boring.)

I'm from Alamogordo New Mexico, via England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Austria and France, and from macaroni casseroles and Chef Boyardee spaghetti. (ewwwwww!)

From the time my next younger brother saved a boy from drowning (his explanation for coming home with mud up to his neck,) and the time my mother was putting little red X's on the family calendar where I helpfully marked off the days she'd missed, leading to the birth of my youngest brother... and the first (and only) time my mother swore! (This wasn't the same occasion.)

I am from the box of family pictures my mother always threatened to leave to me, which I now have, and in the process of sorting and scanning. Wonderful memories ensue each time I work at the task. All those familiar faces, and best of all... those smiles.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ellen & Samuel Murray

Ellen Campbell Murray

Samuel Murray

My great-great grandparents.
Ellen Campbell was born May 12, 1839 in Ohio. She became a teacher before meeting and marrying Samuel on October 9, 1869.
Samuel Murray was born June 21, 1848 in Maryland. He was know to be a frail, sickly man, who suffered from diabetes, and perhaps TB. Samuel died January 21, 1881.
Ellen lived on, never remarrying, until she passed away March 22, 1918 during the influenza pandemic.
Although both Ellen and Samuel's families were farmers, they instilled the value of an education in their son John Edward (my great-grandfather) who became both a farmer and a teacher.
John Edward's daughter Edna became a nurse, and then a school cafeteria worker.
Her daughter, my mother, almost became a nurse, then changed course and was 3 units short of her teacher's degree, before marrying.
I worked as a telephone operator for several years before transferring to a facilities technician position. I retired at 48, and have moved back to the land.
We've gone full circle now. Although I don't plan to farm for profit, I do intend to grow food for our table.
Grapes grow well up here, so I just might learn to make wine.

Friday, June 10, 2005

So This Is How I Feel Today...

Mrs. Daniel Boyd- Posted by Hello
This woman is Mrs. Jane Elliott Boyd, mother of Margaret Boyd who is mentioned several postings before this one.
Jane was the eleventh of fifteen children born to her parents, and she subsequently gave birth to nine of her own.
No wonder she looks tired.
Oh, and Nick, there is no relationship to Mrs. Boyd and myself, just so you know.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Cameras, Cameras, Everywhere

Grandfather Nicht & Dad- Posted by Hello
I've previously posted about my grandfather Earl Francis Nicht, shown above with my father. This picture, showing the ever present cigar clamped in his mouth, is how I remember him.
Grandpa was born, and remained in Rochester, New York. I don't know whether the family's love of cameras was due to their close proximity to Eastman Kodak, or just a hobby (aside from music) they developed. (Developed- bad pun intended!) I do remember visiting Rochester and hearing tales about George Eastman. Perhaps my grandfather knew George. They may have come in contact at the Rochester Democrat newspaper, where grandpa worked as a lithographer.
Most of the family photographs were taken by the men in the family, so I'd guess this picture was taken by my grandmother. In the few photos actually showing the Nicht men, you will always see a camera- if not in front of their faces, it will be hanging around their necks, ready to take another picture.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Familiar Face

Alice "Luscalate" Posted by Hello
Sorting out the Lescalleet family has been a difficult task, due to the varied ways in which the surname has been spelled. Even now, different spellings are commonly used. The most unusual are found in the old census records. I happened upon both Paskyler and Susclelect during my research.
The picture of Alice, shown above, was labeled Ohio. Her parents William and Elizabeth were born in Maryland and moved their family to Ohio sometime between 1850 and 1860.
I believe William to be the cousin of my GGG-Grandmother Ann Lescalleet.
There was a slew of comments on yesterday's post from one Nick Danger who (by the final comment) was curious as to what I look like. Of all the antique family photographs in my possession, Alice and I are the most similar.
My hair is blonder, thanks to highlighting. My mouth and nose are slightly different and my chin not so large, but all in all- she and I look much alike! I rarely scowl, though.
So here's to you Nick- me, circa 1870 ish!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Prudy Campbell

Prudence Campbell Crawford- Posted by Hello
Among my inherited photographs was this one, labeled "Prudy Crawford, Graham Missouri." It wasn't until several months ago that I discovered she was Prudence Campbell, sister of my great-great grandmother Ellen.
Prudence was born about 1840 in Athens County, Ohio.
The 1870 census shows her still single, living with family, and employed as a teacher.
She married a short time after that, to a William E. Crawford. They lived in Missouri, and had two daughters Josie and Edna, before her death in 1880.
I need to do more research on Prudy. During those times, a 30 year old school-marm spinster wasn't something to be proud of. I'd love to know whether she was a mail-order bride.
Maybe her Civil War veteran brothers hooked her up with one of their war buddies who'd settled in Missouri? And maybe they paid him?